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We have been working in the Web3 and blockchain space since 2017 and have been building multiple startups since 2013. We established our company in early 2022. Martin worked in the international music industry since 2016.

We offer a range of services focussed on marketing, such as global digital Out-Of-Home campaigns, Web3 marketing services and we help blockchain and Web3 companies grow and accomplish their goals.

Martin was involved in the Kryptomon project for over a year, helping it to grow to nearly half a million followers.

We always deliver the greatest profit for your investment with the help of our services. We know what we're doing, and that is why we can guarantee the greatest results at the lowest price. We prefer to control the options we offer because we know what works best for you. That is why we work on a budget and not on a constant price.

We provide services for almost every industry, though some of them are restricted to certain industries because they benefit the most from them.

We can deliver anywhere in the world. Depending on your goals and objectives, we will deliver you the most-beneficial, data-driven strategic plan!

Because of our experience and network, we know which strategies are most effective at different positions. You can benefit from this through our services.

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Web3 services

What is your experience within Web3 marketing?

What is Web3 marketing?

What are your Web3 services?

How long have you been working within Web3 ?

What is Web3?

What are your Web3 marketing strategies?

How much does Web3 marketing cost?

Web3 is a term used to describe the next generation of the World Wide Web, where users will have greater control over their data and how it is used. Web3 will be more secure and private than the current web, as it will be less reliant on central authorities. Web3 is seen as the future, you can read more about it here.

We have been working in the blockchain industry since 2017, seeing it as the forerunner of the web3 ecosystem.

All our marketing services can be beneficial for Web3 projects, as well as the Web3 business development services. Some of our services may not be available due to local law and industry restrictions.

Web3 marketing is a type of online marketing that focuses on using the latest web technologies to reach and engage customers. You can learn more about it here.

We have been focusing on Web3 marketing, growth hacking, and user engagement for over three years.

We know which strategies work best at different positions because of our experience and network. You can benefit from this through our services.

We know what we are doing, and that is why we can guarantee great results for your investment. We prefer to maintain control of the choices we offer, as we know what is best for you. That is why we work on a budget and not on a fixed cost. Contact us for more information.

Digital Out-Of-Home marketing

What is Digital Out-Of-Home marketing?

What is your experience within DOOH?

How much does Digital OOH marketing cost?

What is the return of interest of your Digital OOH campaigns?

In which countries do you offer billboards?

Do you have billboards on Wall Street?

What kind of data do you use for your campaigns?

Do you have billboards in China?

Digital Out-Of-Home marketing is a highly succesful form of marketing that uses digital displays in public places in order to promote products or services. This can include anything from billboards and video screens in shopping centres to digital signage on public transport. Read more about it here,

Vivid City is one of the best digital out of home marketing companies in the world, and we are the exclusive Benelux representative of them. With over 20 years of experience and a great network, they are known as masters of data-driven digital OOH campaigns, as they have billboards in almost every country.

Our digital out of home marketing campaigns are priced based on budget and your objectives, please get in touch if you are interested.

The return of interest for our Digital OOH campaigns can be quite significant, depending on the goals and objectives of the campaign. A awareness-driving campaign would see a higher return of interest than a more targeted, purchase-focused campaign. The return of interest is also affected by factors such as the creative execution, target audience, and overall media strategy.

We provide billboards worldwide for almost every industry possible. We can help you choose the most suitable option for your goals and target audience, or we can focus on certain areas if that is what you desire.

Multiple data will be used for our campaigns, such as demographic data and geographic data. We ensure to only use data that is allowed by law. By using this data, we deliver the best results!

Yes, we do deliver billboards on Wall Street. Just let us know what you're looking for!

Vivid City operates the largest D-OOH network in China, and we can deliver high-quality marketing initiatives in this country where D-OOH is extremely popular. We are unique because of the wide range of options we provide, despite local and international restrictions.